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EMV Matters

Let Direct Connect help you get ready for EMV.

  • So that you can accept all the new payment cards that have an embedded microchip, rather than magnetic stripe
  • So that your cardholder data is better protected
  • So that your business will not be held liable in case of fraud

EMV exists to protect your business and your customers.

Your payment terminals must be able to process chip cards now. Your business will be held liable if you are not compliant with EMV mandates.

  • If you have already updated your terminal and it is equipped with an EMV card reader (into which a card is inserted rather than swiped), updating is simple. Click here for instructions.
  • If you have not upgraded your terminal and it cannot accommodate the inserting or “dipping” of chip cards, please contact DCSupport@udcc.com immediately.  We will help you find the best solution for your business’ needs.

Call Customer Service or email DCSupport@udcc.com today.


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